A team of professional flow art performers available for booking in New England. 

We are ready to bring the heat to any event! 

Add us to your guest list to spice up birthday parties, weddings, corporate celebrations, even a casual friday at the local dive bar! 

Each performance is customized for the specific event, theme and budget. Every client & event is different so we like to discuss needs of our audience before pricing our time. 

We carefully choose costumes & music to fit the needs of our client. 

Don't like to play with fire? It's chill, we have day props and LED's  for good clean, no risk fun! 

Yes, we are educated and insured. 

All members of the FlowMasters' team has completed and passed the Flow Arts Institute Fire Safety Course. Each artist is personally  insured by The Specialty Insurance Agency, details of coverage and proof insurance may be discussed during booking.  

laconia PuMPKIN FEST 2019

Peek into our performance at the Laconia Pumkin Fest!